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• welcome & rules •

Welcome to elite_celeb an elite icon challenge community for all celebrites.
Every week a new challenge will be posted and members (that have been granted access) may use a celeb of their choice to make their entries.

Anyone may watch the community, but only those who have been successful in their application post will have posting access.


•  At the start of the week (Monday) a new challenge will posted and will run until Friday when the voting will be put up.
•  The voting will run from Friday to early Sunday, with the results being posted on Sunday evening.
• No more than 3 people may claim the same celeb - preference will be based on a first come, first served • bases.
•  Members may not claim the same celeb for 2 challenges in a row; there must be at least one challenge between the claiming of a celeb.
•  When you first post you will be given your own tag, which will then be used for tagging all your entries.

•  example of how to post an entry

if you have any questions just comment below and one of the moderators; either deanbean08 , docrock06 or eatwe will answer as soon as possible.


If you would like to help promote the community, just use the code below :
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